GPS 12: 2023 Season

4.22 (SAT) @ 7:30 • WAHID • Oud + Percussion
5.6 (SAT) @ 2:00 • The Harpworks Ensemble
10.14 (SAT) @ 2:00 • Michael Morton

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Saturday 10.14.2023, 2:00 p.m.
Michael Morton
Happy Music, Happy Heart

Michael Morton, flute
Alan Chan, keys | David Hughes, bass | Chris Wabich, drums

Welcome to "Happy Music, Happy Hearts," where joyous melodies and infectious rhythms come together to create an evening of pure musical delight. Our concert program is a celebration of timeless jazz classics that will leave your heart brimming with happiness.

Kick off the festivities with the cool vibes of "All Blues" and let "Alone Together" draw you into its enchanting embrace. "Cold Duck Time" brings a lively groove that's impossible to resist, while "Dolphin Dance" invites you to dance along with its playful improvisation. "The Girl From Ipanema" adds a touch of sunny Brazilian charm to our celebration.

Experience the passion of "Inspiração" and the tranquility of "Maiden Voyage" before "Waltz For Debby" serenades you with its tender beauty. "We'll Be Together Again" tugs at your heartstrings, leading to an exhilarating finale featuring "Sky Dive" and the infectious rhythm of "Shaker Song." Get ready to fill your heart with happiness through the magic of jazz!
[program written by ChatGPT]

Order of tunes will be announced on stage

All Blues
Alone Together
Cold Duck Time
Dolphin Dance
The Girl From Ipanema
Maiden Voyage
Waltz For Debby
We'll Be Together Again
Sky Dive
Shaker Song

* There will be a reception following this event.